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Caring Hearts Drive

Last year my local nursing home was fortunate to be recipients of some beautiful handmade Christmas cards sent from many caring hearts across the USA in a card drive made possible by Jennifer Mcguire, Vera Yates, and Jana Millen.  This year Vera is again spearheading it, ( http://lingshappyplace.blogspot.ca/2012/10/caring-hearts-card-drive.html ) so I am sending a batch of cards from my corner of the world. I saw first hand how the residents loved the random act of kindness idea, the joy of getting mail, the conversations sparked by notes sent from various areas in the states. It truly is worthwhile. I am a firm believer in Random Acts of Kindness, and there are so many kind people out there, let’s spread the joy!



Comments on: "Caring Hearts Drive" (4)

  1. What a lovely idea — next year I am going to join you in doing this – just need alittle more lead time.

  2. Card drives are a wonderful way to share what we make and do and bring a bit of joy to an otherwise ordinary day. Your cards are lovely and I like how you try out all sorts of techniques for some unique looks.

  3. I like the techniques.

  4. Wonderful idea, you are so very generous

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