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Watercolored Inlaid Diecut


This was a fun card to make, definitely took a little thinking to put together. I am writing these instructions mostly for myself so when I want to make this again, I can remember how I did it!

I heat embossed the original panel with gold and cut out an Elizabeth Craft die cut greeting (designed by Suzanne from Quietfire designs) and set it and all the little insert pieces aside. I then glued the background piece in place and die cut two more plain greetings and stacked them on top of each other in the negative space. I used a post it note to take the die cut and all the little pieces from the die cut to the card. I then watercolored the Happy Birthday and stacked it on the others, then put all the original insert pieces with the original gold embossed pattern back inside the letters. I think next time, I would stack another layer just for more 3D. I hope you can see in the pictures how the greeting is popped out a bit.

I tried it again and it went together quite quickly as I had the steps figured out. I watercolored in brighter colors this time. Inspiration from Lydia Evans on Winnie and Walter’s blog quite a while ago


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